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PostPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:53 am    
Post subject: features?


This is an urgent enquiry.

We are looking to implement a captive portal / internet filtering solution for an existing wifi network within a residential area.

Could you please confirm wether FirstSpot supports the following?

    blocking p2p / torrent transfers specifically?
    support for online games consoles (playstsation / xbox360 / Ipad)?
    support for smartphones?
    assigning up / down bandwidth per device?
    mac address cloning detection?
    domain blocking? (importing text file like hosts file)
    detect or block http & https proxy tunnelling circumvention?
    multiple internet gateways? (we currently have 4 seperate internet gateways in load balancing / failover mode connected via Cisco router)
    hacking / circumvention detection / reporting?

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2012 11:08 am    
Post subject:

1) For torrents traffic, you can use our Bandwidth Throttling to limit the throughput.

2) Yes, you can take advantage of user attribute "Passive Login". Simply put, you just need to enter the client MAC in advance, can device can surf the Internet automatically.

3) Smartphone is fully supported. We also have a iPhone style login page in the latest v7

4) You can use Data Transfer Quota to specific download/upload limit

5) MAC cloning? No.

6) FirstSpot support IP-based "IP Block List". For more extensive web filtering, please check out

7) detect http proxy - unless the user login to FirstSpot, he cannot access any ports (including proxy)

8) See

9) FirstSpot has extensive reporting in "URL Tracking" feature. You can also use "Client Filter -> Black List" to block offending client devices.
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